I show, help and teach how to use a flat or office to achieve their goals. Change your surroundings and your life will change.


My name is Korina Hortyńska, I am a conscious space coach. Over the years, I have accumulated knowledge, gather tools and expand my experience in the field of classical Feng Shui and put them into practice to check their effectiveness. I am fluent in various Feng Shui methods, including: compass school, school of forms and traditional Feng Shui. I constantly deepen my knowledge by studying other areas of Chinese metaphysics.


For over 8 years I have been advising my clients on how to consciously use the potential of the space of flats or offices. I share with my clients knowledge I gathered during many years of practice. I teach their mindfulness to feelings, emotions, events that are manifested in the workplace or at home, using elements of Chinese metaphysics such as BaZi (Chinese astrology) or ZeRi (selection of the most favorable dates) for this purpose.


So far they are residents of Spain, Great Britain and Poland. They are people who understand that our environment has an impact on us and is a reflection of what is inside us.  You can influence one by changing the other. They know that prosperity starts there. By changing their surroundings, they will change their lives. They want to know their possibilities and use them to reach their goals faster and make their dreams come true. They know that with my help their space can support them on the path to success.


This is a place for people who want to improve the quality of their space thanks to the classic Feng Shui practice. I am here to serve, help you understand what is in your space and transform it in your favor. Regardless of whether you start or develop your business, face individual challenges, or change your personal life – I am here to help you. I believe that no matter what your dreams or obstacles are, you have the power to change your life and thus change the world.

If you have the desire to know, understand and feel
your space to act consciously,
let’s get to know each other.

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