For the Chinese, time is cyclical, and that means events are as well. Based on their millennial observations, the ancients learned how to avoid unfortunate events each year. According to the Chinese system, time runs on a 60 year cycle, after which the cycle repeats again. We are currently in the year of Yang Earth Dog. Just like every other year, it brings specific events, is more kind to selected types of activity or to people who have certain elements in their four pillars chart according to the Chinese astrology BaZi. Today I want to focus on a different aspect. Each sign of the Chinese Zodiac is assigned a geographical direction and in a given year it should be treated in a special way. Because, when it is disturbed, it can cause various unpleasant events or damage. This direction is called Tai Sui or the Grand Duke. It is recommended to have Tai Sui behind your back and avoid excessive noise, nailing, using mechanical equipment or digging the ground in this direction and in this sector of your home and garden. Otherwise, surprises will await us. Whether good or bad, these will arise quickly.

For a person who is just starting to be interested in Chinese metaphysics and Feng Shui, it sounds bizarre and difficult to take such idea seriously and believe such a principle operates. That’s how it was for my family. My parents changed their home some time ago, arranging all their belongings took some time and decorating the walls with some paintings they have was the final stage. This process is rather harmless and even pleasant. Places were chosen and one Saturday afternoon my sister and my father were nailing and hanging paintings. I warned them to hang all of them except those on the south wall due to Tai Sui and the implications for this year. For both of them the idea seemed absurd – they ignored my warning and an hour later they hammered nails and drilled holes and fitted hooks in all directions. When they had finished they happily sat on the sofa to rest and admire their handiwork work. Then something surprising happened – or maybe not so surprising. One of the paintings just fell from the wall and unfortunately hit my sister on the head cutting her skin. Some would probably say this was due to bad nails or something like that. That is possible, but the strangest thing is that the sofa on which my sister was sitting was not very close to the wall and neither of them could work out how it could have happened. For my family, this is just an inexplicable anecdote. I do know this is the effect of irritating energy of Grand Duke, which should not be disturbed in a given year as the energy of the year is very strong and can bring side effects.

For the prudent, I would like to point out that on February 4, 2019, China’s new Yin Earth Pig year begins. The directions that must be handled with care, i.e. do not renovate, do not organize loud parties, dig earth, cut trees or drill holes are NW, SE and SW. If you have a door there, of course you can use it, but it may be better not to slam it.

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