Each house has its own signature. For people who have not studied Feng Shui this “signature” will be illegible scribble, which in no way will enable the person to explain or understand the events that are happening in their life. Fortunately, in Conscious Space we can help you decipher this “signature”, and translate it in a very visual, detailed way. For this purpose, we will need some information from you, without which we will not be able to start.

First, the plan of your house or apartment, exact address, date of birth of those who live or use space, and most importantly the construction date of the building and/ or any repairs made there (i.e. what has been changed, reformed; in which year the works took place, have been finished). Without this it is impossible to go forward.

When we have gathered the necessary information, we can begin to work, and follow a series of steps:

Assessment. A face-to-face meeting (if not possible in person then via Skype or Face-Time) to review the house, see the spaces, decorations etc. to find out the current situation and clarify your goals.

Analysis. After the initial meeting, we need some time to analyse the space in the view of your goals and prepare a report with all the suggestions.

Report of Recommendations. One week later we send you a multi-page detailed, written report with recommendations on how to enhance your space room by room and why.

Skype call or a face-to-face meeting. This is an opportunity for us to explain all the findings and discuss the report.

Follow up. After consultation, you will have 30 days to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. This will help you to get focused, implement our suggestions and feel the change right away.

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