Your home can be wellspring of your success.
I can help you with that.

My name is Korina Hortynska. I am Feng Shui consultant and conscious space’s coach. For over 8 years I have been advising how to consciously take advantage of the potential of my clients’ apartments or offices.

If you wish to learn what space you spend time in, has to offer and bring its potential into play, you are in a perfect place.

With real passion and commitment, I will take care that your home or office supports your career, the relationships you create and contribute to your well-being every day.

Wondering how Feng Shui can support you in achieving your goals and dreams? Arrange a 15-minute consultation, during which I will tell you what you can gain. ...
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I have prepared materials for you from which you can learn how to increase the quality of your life without leaving your home. Click to find out what I have for you … ...

“Some are looking for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful”

– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Do not “tease” your house

Do not “tease” your house

For the Chinese, time is cyclical, and that means events are as well. Based on ...
The best time to do a study of Feng Shui

The best time to do a study of Feng Shui

When we choose a house or flat to live in it, this very rarely happens by ...
Feng Shui Consultation for home

Feng Shui Consultation for home


Join the community of people,
who have changed their lives,
inviting awareness to their apartments.

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