When we choose a house or flat to live in it, this very rarely happens by accident. Our choice reflects our energy – the possibilities and problems that we draw into our lives and the meaning which we project onto them, based on our thoughts and beliefs. It is within our ability to change this….and it need not mean having to move again.

A few years ago, my then partner and I decided to live together and we found an interesting apartment. It was well located, it was not so new, because it was built around 1950, but it was fine. It was oriented to the north. We made some quick renovations and we moved in. I remember that in those months we were somehow quite quarrelsome. At that moment I thought it was just a matter of fitting in with each other. I explained to myself that we were getting there.

To my surprise, I discovered that everything was just as it was supposed to be. At that time I was already studying classical Feng Shui. For the first time I made an analysis of my own home, according to the method of the Flying Stars. I discovered that the results of the analysis explained everything we were going through. It turned out that the energies that reached the bedroom were in conflict with each other. The element Wood attacked the element Earth, which in practice translates into disputes and fights. Colloquially, this is called “bullfighting”.

I did not even have time to put together a remedy because we had to move out of there. I thought that the next apartment would certainly have a better energy system and I was happy about this change. As I had a lot of work at the time, along with my studies, I left it to my partner to find a new place. Pretty soon he found a beautiful apartment from 1992, which had been built as part of the Olympic Games in Barcelona. It faced southwest and it met most of our criteria. Full of hope we moved in and repainted it. We argued less but we still argued.

As a keen follower of Feng Shui, I did the analysis and, to my surprise, the energy that dominated in the new apartment was the same as the previous one, only divided differently. This was incredible – it was built in different year, with another geographical orientation and with different layout, but again it had an energy mix that leads to disputes. I could not believe it! I checked the calculations 5 times, I discussed the results with my mentor, who finally confirmed that I was right.

It was the moment in which I clearly understood that what is outside – our environment, our relationships, health, character … is a reflection of what is inside – our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. And, furthermore, unless we work on this, it will continue to follow us without stopping and will manifest itself in one way or another. And as long as we do not work these things out, we will carry them with us in one way or another.

In the new apartment, the conflicting energies were fortunately in the hall and in the bathroom, not in the bedroom, where we spent seven hours each night. I used my knowledge of Feng Shui to balance the energies and felt the change.

Before arriving at a structural solution, the effort of consciously working on the energies and physically supporting the changes had tangible effects on our lives. We lived there for two years and we managed to increase the level of harmony when topics of discussion and disagreement arose.

Fortunately, the next time I moved, the flat had a completely different energy system.

I have often met people who say: “At the moment we live in a rented apartment – we will wait to do a study of Feng Shui until we have our own house”. For me, this is like saying: “I will only start to lead a healthy lifestyle when I move to the house of my dreams”

Why wait if life can be a success today?

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